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Running Clubs and Groups


Varsity Sports Running Group - Varsity Sports has dominated the running market in Baton Rouge for the past decade. They also have one of the strongest running groups in town.  Co-owner and running legend Jenny Peters heads up the running program and attracts a lot of the areas strongest runners. This group is excellent for any runner who wants to be part of a great group and get faster. There is no fee to be part of this group. Just be ready to run!

Club South Runners - CSR is a nonprofit organization that promotes running for all ages and abilities in and around Baton Rouge. They sponsor races, fitness clinics and social events throughout town. Membership costs about $20. One of the perks of becoming a club south member is the great discount you get on local running events. This is an excellent organization with great people leading the way.

Denver Benton Running Club - Denver Benton sponsors running groups located around town. The unique part about these groups is that they are all geared towards beginners. If you are new to running than this is the place to start. With goal oriented classes each runner will learn how to run, train properly, eat right, and treat and prevent running injuries. Once you’ve completed one of these groups you’ll be ready for a lifetime of running. Classes range from 8-14 weeks in length and the costs vary. Check out the website for more info on upcoming classes.

Hash House Harriers - There motto is “A drinking club with a running problem”.  Need I say more. Having never actually run with the group you might want to check out the site for more info. This is definitely an adult running group.  I have a feeling your in for a treat.

Happy’s Running Club - This is a relatively new group to Baton Rouge. Their motto is “run...drink..and be Happy”. I sense a theme here. Starting at the Roux House downtown and finishing at Happy’s Irish Pub, this group knows how to have a good time. Surprisingly, there are some smokin fast people in this group. This is good place to start if your looking for running and/or drinking buddies.

Fleet Feet Running - Fleet Feet is new to the Baton Rouge scene. They just recently started a running group which holds workouts a couple days week.   I’ll have to get back to you on this one. With some former collegiate runner’s on staff I have a feeling this group will pick up steam quickly. Check out their site for more info.

Rouge Runners - This one’s for the Kids!! Rouge Runner’s is a running running program for kids based out of the AC Lewis YMCA. They work with kids 14 and under and teach them how to train and prepare properly for running. They also provide a series of running events in which the kids will participate. What a great way to help get kids involved in the sport.

Running Supplies and Accessories

When it comes to running, finding the right pair of shoes should be your number one priority. There are many places in town where you can buy a pair of shoes, but we highly recommend the following two. Don’t skimp on the shoes. If you get the wrong pair you will likely end up injured.

Varsity Sports - “Run Hard, Live Easy.” Varsity sports has established itself over the years as the premier running store in Baton Rouge and in 2008 and 2009 was awarded the Runner’s Choice Award from Runner’s World magazine. The staff has been well trained in shoe fitting and they are all experienced runners. Varsity prides itself on making sure each client finds the perfect shoe and they have countless success stories.

Fleet Feet - Fleet Feet opened it’s doors in 2007 and brought it’s “Fitlosophy” shoe fitting system with them.  They pride themselves on their ability to find the right shoe for each person that walks in the door. They have an experienced staff and are doing a lot to break into the local running community.

Running Calendar

The links below will provide you with the most up do date race calendars for Baton Rouge and surrounding areas.

Club South Runners - Good local calendar with race results

Louisiana Running

Lafayette Fitness - Great race calendar and results page for the

Running Routes

LSU Lakes - The most popular spot is the LSU Lakes. On any given day you’ll see hundreds of people running, walking and biking around the lakes. This is a safe route and offers water stops at several points long the way.

Highland Road Park - This BREC park hosts all of the local cross country races and even a few collegiate events throughout the year. The great part about this park are the hills and the soft running surface. This is a great place to run to add some variety to your routine or to build some strength on the hills. Just keep your eyes open for frisbees. The park is also one of the top frisbee gold courses in town.

Mississippi River Levee - The levee is another popular running spot. If you park at the corner of South Stadium and River Rd. you have two great options. If you head towards downtown you get 2 miles of new the blacktop trail to the bridge. 4 miles roundtrip. Your other option it to go left on the levee towards brightside. This trail is a mix of dirt and gravel. You can take this route as long as you want as it will eventually wind its way to New Orleans. Both routes give you a great view of the river and a nice breeze off the water.

Trail Running Routes - Trial running is relatively new to Baton Rouge. However, the emergence Forge Trail Series will undoubtedly spark the trail running fire. Trail running is great because you can do it anywhere. BREC offers a couple parks with an excellent trail system to give you a break from the road.

Hooper Road Park - Map

Comite River Trail System - Map

Other Routes

One of the great things about running is that you can do it anywhere and anytime. Check out the websites below to see other routes that other people have posted. If you discover a run that you really enjoy you can post it to these sites for others to see. - Baton Rouge - Baton Rouge

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